Tram Coach - Yarra Trams - PTV

In the 135 year history of Melbourne’s iconic tram network,
there had never been a procedure on how to correctly ride a tram. Passengers just do it. 

Unfortunately, this assumed knowledge was leading to serious falls,
with incidents rising dramatically in recent times. 
‘This is how we Tram’ is an inclusive idea, lead by a like-able ‘Tram Coach’ to educate passengers of all
ages and backgrounds about some simple steps to make their journey safer.
Instead of telling people what to do, Tram Coach is designed to make safety education ‘fun’,
taking the qualities of the high school gym coach, coupled with the sacred power of dad jokes to in-still a safety culture across the tram network.
The campaign saw a 40% reduction in serious slips, trips and falls across in the network in it’s first year. 
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