Why do we need purpose?
Purpose is the universal driver behind brand and personal missions.
Defining it is the pursuit that leads to laser sharp vision, and clarity in direction.

It is the reason why organisations, brands and personal motivations exist. And having clarity on purpose creates the ability to pivot and adapt when ‘the execution changes’.
Once unlocked can give way to longevity and acceleration in direction. 
What does it lead to?
Purpose unlocks motivation. 
It is the key ingredient in driving vision and outcomes that have economy of scale. It creates guard rails of meaning, instilling depth and commitment to ‘true’ action that ensures a marginalisation of flippancy and short termism.
It builds brands. It motivates clarity of meaning and is the torch light in the tunnel.
It also unlocks consistency, accountability and quality.
What does it do?
Purpose unlocks depth of meaning. Every brand, organisation or leader with a clear and motivating purpose, can build from 360 degrees. It is an alignment measure and a motivating accelerant for creativity. It is the glue for diverse thinking, the centre point for disparate actions, and the galvaniser for reasoning. It creates the right experiences, for the right reasons. It creates accountability for actions and outputs, and joins the dots of a spiderweb. 
How do you unlock it?
Defining your why is the fundamental structure for generating your what. It’s the core for planning. A process of definition is one that is simply about joining lateral pin points, that appear to be the reason for why a brand, group or organisation do what they do. Once centred it can be given new structure, and a plan for roll out. Once unlocked it can be translated and mobilised to create meaningful traction and motivational communication. 
How do you use it?
You use it as a building method. One that creates value and method. One that puts meaning layers on outcomes. It creates a structure to move forward and longevity for strategy and communication. Each layer, un folds the next and creates an eco system of use and ability. It’s an investment in future growth and stable but energetic building.

Purpose is the highest brand currency of the new era marketing experience economy. 

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