The strategy: Gami Chicken is Australia's Best fried chicken. But the brand was speaking to a niche market, those cultrally in the know and a uni student collective. So we pitched a strategy to get their amazing 17-herbs mixed seasoned chicken which delivered savoury flavour of Korean spiciness and sourness in every piece, to the masses.

The Idea: The Unmissable Chicken. An embodiment and personification of Gami's brilliant recipe, as well as the culture that brings the razzle dazzle from Korea to mouths nation wide. K-Pop is an analogy of what Australian taste buds experience when they try Gami Chicken, so this was the perfect cultral space to unlock and Korea's Hanguk Anie animae and K-Pop Elvis cheeky persona enabled a visual style that amplified this taste into sight and sound.

The brand attitude: We developed a tone of voice and language that would stop people in their tracks. And a series of assets from an animated music video film, cut down content and a song for radio and beyond that project Gami's new taste based anthem. Outdoor billboards projected unmissable headlines and posters pushed our cheeky messages to foot traffic near stores.
Winner at MADC (Melbourne Advertising and Design) awards 2023
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